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The workplace has changed radically in recent years. Four generations of employees are now working together, each with different styles. When you factor in rapidly evolving competition, and technological and social change, it’s clear how vital it is for businesses to future-proof their workplaces if they want to thrive for years to come.


In all likelihood, your business will eventually face these challenges. So we’re sharing best practices you can use for your own workplace revitalization. We’re also giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re transforming our corporate headquarters in Chicago’s Aon Center – and enhancing the work lives of 1,200+ JLL employees.




Standing still isn’t an option in our warp-speed world. Whatever your industry, staying competitive hinges on having a well-designed, people-friendly workplace that encourages real productivity and collaboration, promotes health and happiness, and helps you attract and retain top talent.

Our research showed that our own headquarters space wasn’t fully addressing these needs. We’re taking bold steps to create an entirely new office and transform the way our employees work.

Here’s how companies like yours can make the workplace a launching pad for success:



Before we get into the details of our story, here are five things to think about as you begin your own journey.

Aon Center HQ Renovation

Our goal for our new headquarters is to create a workplace that meets the needs of a modern workforce, helps us operate with maximum productivity and sets the stage for a profitable future. Quite an epic undertaking when you consider these challenges:

Floors 769cad48fbaa5aeaef64bd0e7c42738e7cf604f82d0af8901d98e3b75d4fc22f 6 Floors

We’re completely gutting, redesigning and rebuilding all the floors we occupy in Aon Center.

Triangle 88cfc02aed11ca4e00493cfbb199b347f259d6585b06e6175ec9ebfaf800ba76 200,000 Square Feet

That’s a lot of real estate - and every inch of it is being carefully planned and designed.

People 1087e3c0250abc8ee5b868102eecf61367cdab17d3049ee3cfe33e16c16b45e9 1,200+ People

Our employees have varying work styles and needs, so flexibility is a must-have.

Calendar 98f517941b02d99f69f26fe4b71942399167842d5b0a0d65efe16a3a42cdaa26 18 Months

Over the many phases of this project, we’re aiming for a smooth process and a relaxed transition.

Green f124c0054bf03cf8d1125cdd69faaf810d4a952d5b7e93fbd622961d835ca9b9 Staying Green

Aon Center is a LEED-certified building, and we’re creating a healthy, sustainable office space worthy of this certification.

Business as unusual: The office renew series

Anyone who works in an office can relate to the universal aggravations we goof on in these videos. But with thoughtful workplace planning, companies can banish productivity-blockers and turn frustrated employees into happy campers.

Standoff thumb 0d1f0874702b1e47adc67653be63ee11b3d646ffccd976e731edd97a98fa6bdd  

Standoff - A conference room conundrum

Our teams won’t have to outrun – or outgun – each other for meeting space because we’re upping the number of conference…

Privacy thumb f578d0307c4f62d5c83e05d2b9f03a0b643201e6182c34bd87bce2d3b03f02ad  

Privacy - A rare office commodity

Everyone craves a quiet place to talk, away from prying eyes and ears. We’ll have just the thing in our revitalized new…

Tech thumb 0e267272ed5f9b879c49ec411ad23b00f4bd65db5578a5a4bda0c6e4544bf002  

Be edgy, not antsy

We’re all tired of those embarrassing moments when a technology glitch stops a presentation cold and nobody can fix it…

Trendy thumb 71166dd1bb56fafa7a3ca61576313ffbb7f407f3cc12eade8d30d8c35c579b09  

Farewell cubeland, hello comfort

People should feel at ease in their workplace – and that’s not likely in a traditional sea of cubicles. So we studied…

Loop thumb 7795a0d84d52f9965dd152000e71e06f1b536579a8f7b429168ebe5acb5bdc3d  

Show me the way

We’re putting careful thought into the directional signage and wayfinding improvements that give our space personality.


Whether it’s your global headquarters or a regional office, reinvigorating your workspace takes a village. So when JLL launched our headquarters project in 2013, we brought in our best strategic thinkers: experts with world-class experience in selecting, planning and building modern work spaces. We armed them with insights from the people who influence JLL’s success most – our employees – so that the new space reflects how they want to work. These are some of the key people involved in our project:

Greg obrien fe5cfda5c03cd770ad89e89d5005ce42b89165df9988c1c1953390f621212dcd
Jim prendergast 8c584b112e6a7b8b2aecd0c9121fa5a88a62c35f2c9ff80f93aef605a9df3446
Dan ryan cc0cad67851b972dfcd6a79c1fc4c525466fe44b8a5161f5a2002b3941f6a2cf
Ed nolan 6eab78cf0da5778c5e9b852164708fb4e20d50c2ed99b48becd74360b88f95c1
Steve 5e7b6241a4d8ea4dbe18fcce2bcff8c33166b2ed1cb421c79f74d7335440dede
Chuck kelly d30abf5fbc0f1b9aacd9054bc550153e3fa2476922ad419bb9c085d58f254ac2
Adriana b69f86920757372196f5d4f42ca7e08979087da4cee59a7473676275c9d6c27e
Cathy cbb745bfdf0984d1f63b5dd786f984a34a77cea07bfe9e850ed880e6c3003b26
Joe ryan 286d37cda184c4e5a80e151cb89b9a788fcf16dbb21111bbdf028e495c0ea0ef
Jill kouri eaa7c188dbc57ca77d970364cbfa0923764660ae372f704d1efb7c4ff52b00c9

Before & After

Here’s a glimpse at the transformation taking place in our office.





A project like this has a long timeline, requires careful planning, and is filled with surprises, disappointing setbacks and satisfying victories. We’ve documented these major moments to share with you.

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