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December 20, 2016 | New York, New York

JLL’s NYC Office

The local business grew at a rate far faster than anticipated and we found ourselves in a seat-constrained work environment that would not accommodate projected headcount growth. One of the better business challenges to manage, but a challenge.

Jll pittsburgh int
Coming soon | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

JLL's Pittsburgh Office

Jll silicon valley lobby 1
Coming soon | Menlo Park, California

JLL's Silicon Valley Office


You know the workplace is changing, and office design is a big part of it. But how do you differentiate between a passing fad and lasting feature? This report details six practical workplace design trends gleaned from the tech industry that can deliver value for any company—no matter how traditional.

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We’ve got resources to help you think through some of the most common challenges organizations face in creating a workplace that really works. Learn more about:

Enhancing company culture | Boosting employee productivity | Selecting the right site | Managing build-out | Moving in

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