There are plenty of hurdles to workplace productivity. Technology shouldn’t be one of them. As it becomes more ingrained in our work lives, technology should be largely unnoticed. And yet, preventable technology hiccups continue to plague offices everywhere.

If you asked an average employee about their biggest barriers to productivity, they might say,

“I waste 15 minutes a day, every day, looking for a meeting room. And once I find it, I waste another 10 minutes trying to get the technology to work.”

The most expensive activities occur when teams get together. A group of eight worth roughly $50 per hour will blow through $67 in lost productivity during a frustrating 10-minute delay. And that’s just in one conference room.

Efficient workplace technology should do one of two things: maintain your workflow or enhance it. Unobtrusively.

Maintain your workflow

First priority: you have to stay connected. Strong, reliable mobile reception and wireless internet access are a must. No excuses.

The second crucial, yet often overlooked, point of access is power. As in outlets. Or lack thereof. Inadequate power sources are a top offender of workplace productivity.

You’ll have sprawling cafes and community spaces just begging to be used as mobile workstations, but employees are still tethered to where they can plug in. Data and voice are sophisticated, but power is lagging behind. Until we have ubiquitous, wireless power, we need outlets. And we need a lot of them.

Then enhance it

With a strong foundation, you can build upon it with tools that make your workflow smoother. Whether that’s in the office or between locations.

Support teleworking: provide remote workers with file access, seamless conferencing and implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that integrates their personal phones, tablets and computers.
Think mobile first: Make every task possible (and easy!) to accomplish from a phone or tablet: printing, presenting, conferencing, etc.
Know where you’re going: Smart conference rooms integrate with calendars to show the current and future status of all meeting spaces, a digital concierge tracks workforce patterns to determine which stations are available for hoteling.
Meet smarter: Simplify face-to-face and virtual presentations. Sophisticated video conferencing offers real-time viewing, editing, file sharing and gesture control.

Failed projectors and unreliable access certainly waste employee time and company money, but the biggest loss from troublesome technology is neither cost nor convenience. It’s innovation. When employees are unencumbered by connectivity issues and unrestricted by physical distance, they’re able to collaborate, be productive and innovate beyond their specific job duties.

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About the author

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