You’ve no doubt seen and heard about the wonders of a renewed workplace and the productivity and profit that comes with it. It’s true, an improved workplace strategy has very real impact on both your employees and your bottom line. The secret to unlocking those improvements lies in asking the right questions from the outset. Here’s a little help to get that discussion started so you can figure out what you really need in a workplace.

If you’re thinking about updating your workplace, the last thing you need to focus on is the office itself. Workplace projects should end with the physical space and not start with it, as is so often the case.

Instead, start with the big picture. Be secure in your values, specific in your goals and mindful of which activities will achieve both. Only once you figure out who you are as a business can you design a workplace to support you. The rewards of an improved workplace are in proportion to how well it’s tailored, so make sure your office can adapt to you and not the other way around.



About the author

About the author

Bernice Boucher, Managing Director, Workplace Strategy
Developing workplace strategies that, when aligned to business goals, result in optimizing real estate.

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