One that’s actually available when you need it − and comes locked and loaded with the latest collaboration technology.


New AV capabilities

Presentations morph quickly from small to big screen with our state-of-the-art projection technology.


Improved wayfinding

Clear directional signage and thoughtful floor plans make it easy to pinpoint phone rooms, huddle rooms and conference rooms.


Rapid room reservation

Thanks to convenient new ways to book space, employees are just a few mouse-clicks away from reserving a conference or huddle room.

Inspired collaboration

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Our office transformation is creating an activity-based workplace that has more spaces for meetings than ever before. Our people can reserve spacious, tricked-out conference rooms or drop into quiet confines for confidential discussions, heads-down work or impromptu brainstorms.

How’d we do it? Through two extensive rounds of employee interviews and surveys to figure out what employees liked – and didn’t – about working in our current space. We also asked for their wish list of tools and amenities that would liberate productivity and open up fresh ways to collaborate.

The biggest problem we found? Not enough rooms for meetings or private conversations. They also reported that the reservation process is cumbersome, that rooms aren’t conveniently located and that they’re often hard to find. Some of the meeting spaces were hastily built when demand for conference rooms grew, so sound-proofing is notoriously lacking. In other cases, unused cubicles have been outfitted with tables and chairs, but offer little in the way of privacy and zippo technology for collaboration.

We’re dramatically increasing the number of meeting spaces and offering many options: two-person phone rooms (also ideal for solo work that requires concentration), four-person huddle rooms and larger conference rooms. All but the phone rooms can be reserved, and the conference rooms can be snagged on the fly using a reservation screen that’s just outside each location and lights up to signal availability. The days of circling the floor in search of the right room will soon be history. We’re designing a wayfinding system that’s more intuitive, placing guideposts throughout the space to help people get their bearings and bee-line to their destination. Once they arrive, they’ll find flexible furnishings that they can configure for their own purposes. And easy-to-use collaboration technology won’t leave them begging for an IT intervention as conference calls, videoconferences and work sessions are about to begin.

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Privacy - A rare office commodity

Everyone craves a quiet place to talk, away from prying eyes and ears. We’ll have just the thing in our revitalized new workspace.

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Be edgy, not antsy

We’re all tired of those embarrassing moments when a technology glitch stops a presentation cold and nobody can fix it. The tools in our new workspace keep everything clicking.

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Farewell cubeland, hello comfort

People should feel at ease in their workplace – and that’s not likely in a traditional sea of cubicles. So we studied workplace trends and applied scientific principles to select the furnishings our people need for comfort, productivity and overall well-being.

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Show me the way

We’re putting careful thought into the directional signage and wayfinding improvements that give our space personality.


You know the workplace is changing, and office design is a big part of it. But how do you differentiate between a passing fad and lasting feature? This report details six practical workplace design trends gleaned from the tech industry that can deliver value for any company—no matter how traditional.


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