We’re applying the latest in workplace design to bring greater privacy to workstations, conference rooms and public spaces.


Built-in barriers

Employees can create a private space with movable desk panels that mask distracting sights and sounds. It’s like a customizable force field insulating them from unwanted buzz.


Slip into private space

Our new workplace will offer the perfect balance of individual and collaborative spaces – all within handy reach of our Studios. Employees who need alone-time will find it there for the taking.


Café society

Our Club space and five Cafés are perfect places to get away from it all and unwind. Employees who need additional privacy can duck into restaurant-style booths upholstered for sound dampening.

From cubeland freeways to privacy parks

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Privacy and quiet are crucial to workplace wellbeing – and tough to find in traditional offices, which at times feel like a crowded street corner. So we’re making easy access to quiet spaces a vital part of our office transformation. We’re using scientific analysis and employee feedback to reconfigure the office so that everyone can easily segue from collaboration to solitude – without being forced to seek out a stairwell or deserted hallway.

In our new Studios, designed to support our 15- to 22-person work groups, private space is just a few feet away. We’re creating an activity-based workplace where the whole Studio floor becomes an employee’s office. This approach to workspace design makes it simple and fast to take part in spontaneous meetings of virtually any size. And when our people need to get far from the madding crowd, so to speak, and chill for a bit in solitude, they’ll have it within easy reach.

Employees can choose from a two-person phone room, a reservable four-person huddle room or a conference room for a bigger group. Glass walls let natural light into these larger spaces, but to afford privacy, they’re accented with artful images of Chicago landmarks.

Discover more videos from the series

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Standoff - A conference room conundrum

Our teams won’t have to outrun – or outgun – each other for meeting space because we’re upping the number of conference rooms and making these pods of productivity easy to access.

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Be edgy, not antsy

We’re all tired of those embarrassing moments when a technology glitch stops a presentation cold and nobody can fix it. The tools in our new workspace keep everything clicking.

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Farewell cubeland, hello comfort

People should feel at ease in their workplace – and that’s not likely in a traditional sea of cubicles. So we studied workplace trends and applied scientific principles to select the furnishings our people need for comfort, productivity and overall well-being.

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Show me the way

We’re putting careful thought into the directional signage and wayfinding improvements that give our space personality.


You know the workplace is changing, and office design is a big part of it. But how do you differentiate between a passing fad and lasting feature? This report details six practical workplace design trends gleaned from the tech industry that can deliver value for any company—no matter how traditional.


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