Employees can get where they’re going quickly with our clever wayfinding system and easy-to-locate conference rooms.


We’ve got a plan

Conference rooms are easy to find because they’re placed in the same positions on all six floors.


Chicago-proud wayfinding

We’ve christened all conference rooms with memorable names that invoke well-known Chicago institutions.


A better way

Directional signs and visual icons are placed throughout each floor to remind people where they are, and help them navigate to conference rooms and colleagues’ workstations.

Wayfinding that inspires

In too many offices, the cold hand of engineering logic—not human intuition—dictates how wayfinding systems are designed. As they search for the right room or hunt down a coworker, employees lose valuable time as they circle floors that look frustratingly alike and lack personality.

We drew on JLL brand imagery and our rich Chicago heritage to dream up a simple method to orient people and make them feel right at home.

Our new wayfinding system is based on two points of reference: directions (north, south, east and west) and corresponding landmarks (River, Park, Lake and City). Our conference rooms are named for local train lines, parks, sports teams, airports and even schools of architecture. Very fitting for a city that’s the birthplace of the skyscraper and world-renowned for its diverse architectural styles.

All six floors are bisected by “alleys”—expansive walkways enlivened with exhibits featuring stories about JLL, our people, our clients and the global and local work we’re involved in. It’s a great way to boost employee pride, and instill a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

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Standoff - A conference room conundrum

Our teams won’t have to outrun – or outgun – each other for meeting space because we’re upping the number of conference rooms and making these pods of productivity easy to access.

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Privacy - A rare office commodity

Everyone craves a quiet place to talk, away from prying eyes and ears. We’ll have just the thing in our revitalized new workspace.

Tech thumb 0e267272ed5f9b879c49ec411ad23b00f4bd65db5578a5a4bda0c6e4544bf002  

Be edgy, not antsy

We’re all tired of those embarrassing moments when a technology glitch stops a presentation cold and nobody can fix it. The tools in our new workspace keep everything clicking.

Trendy thumb 71166dd1bb56fafa7a3ca61576313ffbb7f407f3cc12eade8d30d8c35c579b09  

Farewell cubeland, hello comfort

People should feel at ease in their workplace – and that’s not likely in a traditional sea of cubicles. So we studied workplace trends and applied scientific principles to select the furnishings our people need for comfort, productivity and overall well-being.


You know the workplace is changing, and office design is a big part of it. But how do you differentiate between a passing fad and lasting feature? This report details six practical workplace design trends gleaned from the tech industry that can deliver value for any company—no matter how traditional.


JLL is in the midst of a headquarters office revitalization that will be complete in March 2017. We’re completely renovating six floors in Chicago’s Aon Center to suit the needs of 1,500 employees and attract the kind of talented professionals who have made JLL a leader in commercial real estate.


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